View Full Version : Amador 2/22/13

02-22-2013, 05:40 PM
Well hit up the lake around 7 fished till about noon. Got me 4. My first two came back to back on green pb off the bottom on 2ft leader about 5-7ft out that was around 8ish then it went dead till around 1030-11 as i was throwing out a gold spinner then bam fish on another one on the stringer then went dead till right as I was picking up everything to call it a day bam fish on, fish hit the green pb again so I was debating if I should stay longer but ended up still packing things up and calling it a day. All in all weather was nice a lil wind not to hard though but made for a nice day out on the lake. Didn't seem to busy either. O yeah also had a boat troll by and show me his 15lber he nailed in the middle of the lake on a rapala, looked like a hog. He also said it was tagged too. Well here's my 412957