View Full Version : San Pablo 3/2

03-04-2013, 10:16 AM
I made it out to San Pablo on Saturday and was on the water by 11. We rented a boat and trolled around the dam then up the arm for some bait fishing. Last time we hooked up on a neon red apex within 10 min, but no luck this time (that was the opener though). All in all we trolled for about 3 hours with a Rapala, Kastmaster, Apex, threaded worm, and Mepps minnow spinner, all for nothing. Finally we stopped in a cove on the East side of the lake and picked up a nice Lassen bow that had to be in the 3-4lb range. We were using sliding sinker rigs, one with chart power eggs and the other with garlic pb, which got the strike. After that no more bites, so we trolled to the boat ramp to check out the rest of lake, but still nothing. Definitely slower than the opener when we caught 3 and lost a few in 4 hours. Interestingly 2/3 fish last time were holdovers with copepod sores all over them. I never posted a report cuz my sister has all the pics, but if she ever sends them I'll post them. I thought I took more, but I only ended up with the one pic below.