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03-07-2013, 11:54 AM
Do you like seeing all the highly detailed reports with pics galore? I know i do, guys like Hamachi Kamas, RideNfish, Captain compassion, Marin Paul, Insearchoffish, and tons more. You don't need to have giant fish or award winning story, but you will need a few things. Some are a necessity, like a camera :) some are not, but they will make the whole posting go a lot smoother.

1. Camera - nothing fancy needed, your cellphone will do just fine. A digital camera is best, but not if you have a cellphone you take along.

2. Image hosting- there's quite a few, a couple good ones are Photobucket, Imageshack. This will allow you to upload your photos in full size in your thread, not a little thumbnail. If you lose your phone or your cpu gets replaced or breaks all your pics are safe (hurts to lose all your digital pics) and be uploaded on your new device quickly and easily. IF YOU NEED HELP SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT ON PHOTOBUCKET, PM ME AND I CAN WALK YOU THROUGH IT. (EXCEPT CHRIS, LOL. THIS WON'T WORK FOR YOU) :)

3. The body of the report- your only boundary is you, you don't have to give everything away, but if you would like, please do. include stuff like the time you arrived, your general location, date, and a brief overview of your day. Stuff like trolling speed, water temp, techniques used, and bait/lures used are all good stuff too.

4. Pictures- pictures are worth a thousand words, this is true :) take a pick after you have set up. a nice sunrise shot or just a lake shot. A scenery pic, maybe of a mountain, an animal, the snow, some budding flower etc. and then of course the fish, after all that's why were here :) like I said don't be turned off from posting because you didn't catch a monster. Some of the prettiest fish I have seen were on the smaller side.

Like I said if you need any help on any of the steps let me know :)

03-07-2013, 12:38 PM
Excellent stuff Marv.

I'd like to add that we are building a Reader's Report section on the Homepage of the site, and im starting to look for really good articles, with picture, that I can incorporate into that section. So, as we move into spring, and the fishing heats up, lets get the good reports flowing!!!