View Full Version : 11 pound Tahoe Brown + 6 Pound Rainbow!! 3/8/12

Gene St. Denis
03-09-2013, 07:25 AM
Got a Great Phone Call last nite !!! Jim Larson from Reno was out yesterday on Lake Tahoe and was fishing sand Harbor in the snow storm and Hit Pay Dirt once again !! A vicious Hit tore off line on one rod and finally he got it in to Net !!! It was as Beautiful Rainbow with a thick Red Stripe !!! An Hour later just south of Sand Harbor the Hammer Fell !!! :fish_jumps: The Drag screaming and Jim trying to get the Rod under Control.. it was the Biggest Thing he has ever had on !!! 30 minutes later the Man, 12 foot boat , and 11 pound 6 ounce Tahoe German Brown Finally meet at the Net !!!! Jim said he could barley think with his arms cramping up and A Monster 11 pound Golden Brown Trout Thrashing around in the Bottom of the Boat !!! :salmon: His Previous biggest brown was 7 pounds out of Tahoe !! Great Job Jim !!! You deserved it !! A Tui Chub Trophy Stick got the Rainbow and a Countdown got the Big Brown !! He was in 20 feet with 250 feet out , trolling at 3.5 miles an Hour !!! They were covered in ProCure Trophy Trout Gel !! :banana: He said that Im Hooked and the Fish Sniffer Helped him out Alot for getting the Right Stuff !!! In his own Words !! Aloha !! Fish On !!! http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/shocked.gifhttp://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/shocked.gifhttp://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/shocked.gifhttp://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/shocked.gif gst Captain Gen St. Denis (530) 544-6552 Blueribbonfishing Charters

03-09-2013, 08:13 AM
Awesome post. I just can't see the pics:(

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