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03-18-2013, 08:38 AM
Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the advice provided last week on the thread "Amador or San Pablo." I was all set and ready to go to Amador Friday night when the GF and her cousins texted me: "Amador is kind of far...we want to go to San Pablo instead." -_- So San Pablo it was, even though I didn't have high hopes.

Got to the reservoir around 6:30am and saw that the line was about 20 cars deep! Man, I have never seen a line like that in a while. I suspected it was because the newspaper published a plant of 2,000lbs earlier last week. Saw everyone was going down to the Marina area or to the right (I think the Pines) so I decided to go left and take us away from the crowds (although the rest of the car was sleeping so they probably didn't care where we went).

Set up at Oak Point and got our lines wet around 7:10am. GF's line wasn't in the water more than 5 mins and her strike indicator goes up and her tip bounces a couple times. She ran over to set the hook but alas, she was too late and the fish dropped the bait. I told her to wait to see if it'll come back but it never did. She was pretty sad haha. Oh well, learning experience from her.

About 20 mins later I hook a fish on one of the poles and can tell it's a nice one. I handed it to my gf's cousin (the one who has never fished before) and let him reel it in. It was a nice 2-3 lber and was pretty fat. Had a nice full tail on it and great color. On the stringer it went.

Over the next 6 hours we caught 2 more trout, both about 1.5 to 2 lbs or so. I offered to let the other cousin and my GF reel in the fish, but they were determined to catch one themselves. Called it quits around 1pm and headed to Hayward to get some all you can eat sushi for $10. The GF and cousin who didn't catch said they were getting fish one way or another.

Overall it was a really nice day to be out. Was grateful we had 3 fish in the cooler and had good weather and company to top it off. Oh, and the cousins ended up losing 5 rigs (4 on one cast where he crossed 3 of our poles and I had to cut each one and re-tie everything) and 1 lure of mine, but giving them their first fishing experience was worth it :)


Cousins fishing off Oak Point dock
The Days Catch
The first fish we caught had eggs, so I decided to try and make some Trout Caviar...not too bad

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week. Keep your lines tight and tips up.


03-18-2013, 09:40 AM
Great report, but pics aren't working.

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Sorry, I'll try and figure out a way to post the pics

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Do these pictures work? 133451334413346

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Pics work