View Full Version : Mammoth Pool fishing trip 3/27

04-03-2013, 10:11 AM
Fished Mammoth Pool. Rough canyon walls, and brutal wind from 12-5pm daily. Saw a Bald Eagle, and mt.lion tracks on the beach where we camped. Also saw otters, osprey, cattle and a few boats. Clean water, some debris. Snow capped Mtns. Log jams and wind. It didn't freeze so that was a plus. The lake was rising VERY fast, at least 10'' overnite. Woke up and the raft and kayak were floating. Beers had escaped . We caught at least a dozen and lost a dozen more. Caught them on every technique you could imagine, drifting crawlers, soaking pb, spoons, and trolling gear; trolling worked best (spinning blades and dodgers). Used a 30lb minkota to push the gear and troll with for 2 days. Next time bringing a solar panel to trickle charge the battery for peace of mind. Fun, rough trip, but well worth it.

Jeffy B Mammoth Pool holdover on the troll - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDsxZSoLW7E&list=UUrxdngBTamwlSZCZhQ0obkg&index=1)