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04-08-2013, 03:44 PM
As a kid growing up in the country north of Sac I used to go along with my grandparents and a couple uncles night dipping shad on the Feather. Back in the fifties shad were just thick in the rivers and used as a subsistence fish, we raised most of our own food and in those days fish were a big part of it. Back then most people in the area were farmers or people who worked for them and everyone had shad dip nets for the seasonal runs. Just a hoop made of chickenwire attached to a long pole you held it out as far as you could and when feeling the tell tale bump of a shad running into it you just lifted it out, often times with several shad in it.

They were either smoked or canned and another food item we put in the pantry. Those were great times growing up, life might have been somewhat hard back then but it was simple and rewarding with whole family units working together with neighbors for the good of all. Anyways just some memories to share of a past time in history, but I would bet a lot of people are not aware that dip netting shad is still allowed in the Valley district although back in those days there was no limit.

04-08-2013, 03:53 PM
Very interesting! I didn't know you could/can net the shad.

Double Haul
04-09-2013, 06:48 AM
I did the same thing as a kid out in the Delta. Spending a few summer days on Diablo Power Squadron's Devil's Is. we would go "shad bumpin" at night. We would hang a landing net off the back of a motorized dingy and shine a light into the propwash. As soon as you felt the shad we would scoop them up. There was always shad in the smoker on the island.

04-09-2013, 06:53 AM
It used to be legal to net shad in boats using this technique called "bump fishing". People used to do it all the time in the Sacramento river.

04-09-2013, 08:44 AM
It is still legal to dip net American Shad. :redface:

5.65. Shad, American.

(a) Open season: All year, except for closures listed under special regulations.
(b) Limit: Twenty-five.
(c) Methods of take: Shad may be taken only by angling, except that a dip net may be used in the Valley District.

Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations - Species Regulations 5.65-5.95 (http://www.dfg.ca.gov/regulations/FreshFish-Mar2013/ccr-t14-sec5_65-5_95.html)

04-09-2013, 01:39 PM
IIRC the net can't be bigger than 36" though.

04-21-2013, 08:31 PM
I think I would want clarification on what they consider a legal dip net, and it's permitted use.