View Full Version : Camanche Rainbow and Kokanee April 16, 2013

04-17-2013, 08:15 AM
One 1# 10 oz Rainbow, no HNS, LDR or SDR. Bill Crooks was not able to join me today as he had to pick up the backyard after his puppy (“Buster” Posey Crooks). I fished solo with 15 other Jolly Hookers/SIR for a Camanche derby. I got one bite, another slow in-land waters day for me. I launched at North Shore and trolled most of the day on my main motor at 2.5 mph. Rapala J7 fire tiger smeared with shad gel at 25’ OTW got the only fish. The F7 black/silver and 2” orange grub nothing. 6.25 hours (6:30-12:45), 42 miles, 11 locations (Dam 1). Water 62-6*, clear to 7. Air 40-55*. Sky clear. Wind 6-17 mph.

After fishing Ron Madsen, Alex Alexander and Sam Osuna hosted a shore lunch of our first ever (for me) chicken brochettes!, potato salad, chocolate eclairs, soda & water. A great lunch, thanks fellows.

At our weigh-in only 6 fish (5 Rainbow, one Kokanee) were reported landed. I had the “big” 1# 10oz fish, Bill Kishi got 2nd with a 1# 8 oz fish (3 colors of lead core, pink hoochie with corn behind a tear-drop dodger at 1.7-1.9 mph) in a balance bar weigh-off with his captain, Rene Villanueva, 3rd place (J5 fire tiger Rapala at 19’ 1.7-1.9 mph) and Jim Henrie 4th with a 1# 5 oz fish (Needlefish with garlic scent at 15’ down, 1.5-1.9 mph).

P.S. For those readers who don't know, SIR stand for Sons in Retirement, and is a large social club of retired, nearing retirement men. If you are interested in finding a SIR Branch near you go tohttp://www.sirinc.org/ChooseACity-20120107.pdf (http://www.sirinc.org/ChooseACity-20120107.pdf). A member of SIR can join our fishing club which meets once a month for breakfast, and has outings every month to northern CA lakes, the delta and the ocean. Other SIR activities include golf, bowling, walking, travel, dining, etc.. If you are interested in joining us, check out our web site http://www.thejollyhookers.com (http://www.thejollyhookers.com/)/ or give me a call at 916-979-9589. See you out there.