View Full Version : Liquid turquoise with cutts galore- Pyramid 4/23

04-26-2013, 06:32 AM
Neighbor Walt and I traveled to Pyramid Lake Monday afternoon so we could get an early start kayak trolling in the morning.


Walt is an occasional fisherman and had never before been in a kayak but he was soon trolling effectively and catching fish. He came up with a unique trolling technique. Upon locating a concentration of fish near the bottom at 30 feet or so with the sonar, he would paddle out onto the lake where the water was 100 feet deep or more, deploy 3 colors of lead core vertically then troll directly toward the shore where fish were holding. He said he never failed to hook up a fish before snagging the bottom.



We fished the bay north of Warrior Point and marked fish near the bottom at 30 to 40 feet as well as suspended at about 30 feet in deeper water and we caught them down three to four colors of lead core. We caught a 22 inch fish that surfaced soon after being hooked and gave a spectacular jump. This fish was wearing a green spaghetti tag. Catching the common 17 to 25 inch fish is a lot of fun and so is knowing any time something larger can come a long. We each had fish hooked up for a while that felt more like the bottom, but with heavy head shakes.
Here are two spoons (bass pro) that drew many strikes.


04-26-2013, 06:39 AM
Way to go. I know you guys certainly had fun. Thanks for sharing.