View Full Version : Saterday Bay Report

06-10-2006, 04:56 PM
Splashed at Richmond at 5am and we droped thr troll gear at S. Hamton and never got a scracth till he made a left into Emeryville Flats!! Bait was thick so we stayed and it payed!1 two nice flattys 18 and 14 pnds before 7am,, notice the fleet bailed on the brk side of the pier and pushed outside and north to the deeper water so we worked a East to west tack from E bouy inside to 10 ft !! it wasent a ball of fire but we had the spot to ourselfs and we ended at 12:45 with 7 very nice grade Butts and one 10lb bass!! Water stayed very clean all day and all fish fell for tray herring!! We see you out there again in the mornin!! give us a shout!! Ch 68,88,19,09, best of luck!! CJ [smiley=captjack.gif]

06-10-2006, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the report CAPT. Wasent a ball of fire? Call me a rookie but i would be on fire if I had 7butts and 1bass by 1:00. sounds like a great day.
Do you always troll for them? I think we usually drift about 2mph. do you think thats fast enough to let out trolling gear? Ive never used flashers/dodgers. If I recall right you said 1/0 was the right size. The seps and lure jensen are numbered different. which is right?
Thanks for the report and help.

06-10-2006, 05:44 PM
Tryin to drift with trollin gear is hard even in a rip current , I do better pullin it stait and tight to the boat !! Hey flasher size is not a science these fish hit when there hungry!! I saw alot more bait drifters today then last week,It all works !! Are you fishin in the mornin?? If so give us a shout!! Best of luck!! CJ [smiley=captjack.gif]