View Full Version : Shaver Lake 04.27.13

05-02-2013, 09:02 AM
Hello again. Sorry for the extremely late post. Been a busy start of the week. Anyways, we headed up to Shaver Lake last Saturday to escape the valley heat. Also in search of trophy trout. It was nice at 72. Arrived at 1 and stayed until dark.

It was extremely slow but with the weather I didn't care too much :-)

I toss lures for nothing. I tried flies for nothing. The good old pb worked and we landed 5. Fish were small so back it goes to grow up bigger.

No trophy trout this time but we will be back soon :-)

My buddy went out the next day on the boat and he mention it was extremely slow for troller as well. He only got one small salmon on the DR.

Until next time.