View Full Version : hmb salmon 5/1 limits

05-03-2013, 08:18 AM
Left out of pillar pt at 7am headed to the numbers 30/50 where fish were caught the day before.Stopped on the way out about 12 mi from harbor where the Huli cat had stopped and we saw bird life.Put in and had a 12# in 5 min.Trolled for another 20 mins without another scratch,picked up and ran to the fleet numbers and put in ,Picked up a triple and another double and then it slowed for the next few hrs.Headed south and finally found them at 34/54 and finished our limits for 5 from 8- 12#.Fished were in 300' and down 40' using apexes in wma, anchovy and kovorkian.Listened to radio chatter
and sounded slow for most.Efren