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06-08-2006, 10:35 AM
o-k, i got another one.... when trolling what size/type flasher are you using? leader length to bait? using a stinger treble? weight and aprox distance behind boat? i'm assuming you are staggering length to avoid tangles?
ahhh... and the most contreversial (sp?) question..... drifting or trolling, which is better and why?i'm assuming on the troll, they pretty much set it themselves? (like backtrolling for salmon?) but what's the bite like while drifting?

ps- as you can see i'm searching for as much info as i can get before trying this thing!!!! thanks again!!!!!!
*o-k, o-k how about this.... why don't you just take me with you and then you can SHOW me!!!!!!!! ;)

06-08-2006, 01:51 PM
JON M, I can only tell you what works for me, Flats, sandy beaches are way better for the troll!! cover much more ground!!! *Mix rocks and sand and sharp drops, drift fishings more effective in MY oppinion!!! *
* The troll rig I like is 3 way swival,line arms lenth to the dodger 1/0 then an arms lenth leader with a snelled 3/0 hook and a 1/0 trble stinger to the baits tail(Herring)Tie a 16" droper off the 3 way for the lead!!1.5lb,1lb,12oz ball!! keep your lines close to boat not much of an angle!! *I learned this from fishin with my buddy J on the RIGHT HOOK!! hope this is some help to Ya!! Lots of other ways and tricks but this works best for me!!! Fished Tues and Wens for 21 hook-ups and 13 in the box to 30lbs!!! best off luck!!* If you guys want to learns some trolling Tricks book a trip with RIGHT HOOK SPORTFISHING!!CJ

06-08-2006, 02:11 PM
Well, from what I have experienced, when trolling you are using alot more heavier gear and I like to "feel" the fight of the fish with lighter gear. *You also will waste alot more gas and we all know what the gas prices are these days. *As far as results, I myself have done better with when drifting and using "live" bait (though I did do pretty well last weekend using frozen herring, I think because the water clarity has been pretty good in the bay). *The only time I would consider trolling is if the fishing is really slow and I am trying to cover more area and trying to locate the fish. *I will generally use a similar set up to what captjack described, only adjusting the length of leader and hooksize and perhaps throwing on some hoochies. *The bite on a drift well come in mainly 2 ways, either a "suicide slam" or your rod will slowly load up as the fish bites onto the bait and sits back down on the bottom (rod tip will start bending like you hit a snag), pick up rod let out a bit of line, then when you feel the fish on set the hook hard and let the fun begin. *

06-08-2006, 10:15 PM
what does a herring tail look like? is it a lure?
can someone post a picture of how the rig should look like?
thanks a bunch!