View Full Version : Tuesday -Wensday Bay Butts

06-07-2006, 06:06 PM
fished with freinds for fun for a couple days and did well!! *Lucky One ,Arima 1, and Zack tues!! droped6. and boxed 5 for a nice box of 5 to 22 lb Butts troolin the S. hampton flats with tray baits!! Thanks for the invite Bill always a kick to deck on your farallon!!! * * Wens got an invite to fish with buddy Capt. J.Lopes on the RIGHT HOOK!! just a fishin for fun trip he brought his dad johny and I brought my buddy Lucky Chuck!!! J Work the mornin at the berkly pier runin e. to w. and we pulled the hardware *with the herring nose pined behind a dodger!! We stayed and it payed by 9 we had 3 pigs 25 to 30 pns on ice finished the day with one drive by and one breakoff, and 8 in the box to 30lbs!! Thanks J its alway a pleasure to deck on your Parker!!! * CJ