View Full Version : CLosest area to fish for Shad near Tracy??

05-14-2013, 10:01 AM
Been living in the area for about 3 years now but not sure where to start. I usually fish for striper, but I'd like to try my hand in fishing for Shad and get addicted like everyone else. lol I do not need your honey hole just a place where I can do my own re-con. I fish the banks so If anyone can advise a place where I can start that would be most appreciated. Still not familiar with the area where you can and can't fish, meaning can you just park and fish certain stretches of water as long as there are NO Parking or NO Fishing signs? I would hate to start fishing and get in trouble for fishing on private property. I've seen some nice places in Mossdale or even farther up as 8 Mile Rd., just not sure if I can just park and fish some areas. Sorry for the long post. Any help is greatly appreciated!!Tight Lines to all!!