View Full Version : Monterey 6/3

06-03-2006, 09:47 PM
Took the familly down to the aquarium today and after we got out I decided to go down to the pier to check things out. Seen some guys catching sardines on sabiki rigs, so i tied mine on and started casting. After a few cast I felt something heavy on my line but it didn't feel like a fish. When I got it up close it was a star fish, took it off the hook and threw it back in the water. A few more casts and one small sardine. The next cast got a jacksmelt. Spent about 30min and decided to head back home. Kept the jacksmelt for future bait. I was hoping to get into some mackarel but I guess they didn't shop up.

06-04-2006, 06:39 PM
It was a good try though...and time spent fishing is always good.
Man, those starfish down there are aggressive! GET THE GAFF!


06-04-2006, 09:38 PM
My cusins girlfriend wanted to keep one but I wasn't sure if it was legal so we threw them back.