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05-21-2013, 11:04 AM
Hello again guys. We had a chance to go up to Shaver Lake on Saturday, 5.18.13. We initially wanted to go to Wishon Lake but since we had a late start as usual, we ended up at Shaver Lake. It was nice. Weather was about 63 with a little wind. Chilly in the shade. We got there at around 2. We hiked down near the dam area and setup shop.


Girlfriend rod goes off within a minute. She brings in a small rainbow. Hit on I believe green pb. Released to grow up.

The next hour or so, she would get a hit here and there while I just sat around. I threw the usual hardware for a little bit to warm up. No action until I put on a blue/silver kastmaster. As I was reeling it in near shore, I see this figure come attack it. Its fighting and fighting...well not really. haha It must be the smallest bass I have ever caught.

The lure was almost the same size as him (1/4 oz km). I believe its a smallmouth bass. There were a lot of these guys swimming near shore. I was like, i'm going to use it for bait to catch a monster trout. J/k. Released it shortly after taking a picture.


After I took a break to grab some lunch. I see the gf rod bouncing and a pull but missed it. A few minutes later, I see my bait rod goes down hard. I picked it up and wait for the next pull and sure enough when it did, I set the hook and it was fish on.

Fight the fish for a few minutes. I knew it was a good size as it peeled a lot of line. Landed the fish and it was a little over 4.5 lbs.


Fish at that spot for another hour and the gf got a big hit but missed. It was cold so we decided to pack it up and move over to the other side of the lake where the sun was still shining down.

Only had about an hour left of fishing. Got a few hit but missed. Finally hit on an inflated worm and landed it. It didn't fight like a trout so I was suprised to see it was a catfish!


GF also got a catfish on pb. Packed up and left.

05-21-2013, 11:09 AM
Where is the bass lake report? Lol

05-21-2013, 11:12 AM
Yesterday, 05.20.13, worked in the morning and decided to play hooky and have a meeting at Bass Lake. Text the gf to see if she want to hit Bass Lake. Why of course. She can't say no.

Arrived at the lake at 2 pm. It was nice. High 70 to low 80s.

Setup shop again. A few action on the gf rod. A couple of nice pull but no take.



Then I tried a inflated crawler that I toss out and reel back in slowly. A little tap tap and then a pull. Set the hook and it was game on. It was fighting like a machine. Hardest run I have felt in a long time. Fought it for a good 5-6 minutes taking drag like no other. I knew it wasn't a trout or can it. Well after a good fight, it (don't know what it is) broke me off :-(

Wish I knew what kind of fish it was. Was using a small hook (size 8). However it broke the actual line so it swam under a rock or something.

Re-setup and do it again. Same setup as before with a size 8 hook. Again tap tap and pull. Set the hook however missed. Did it a bunch of times. So I went into the tackle box and put on a texas rig brushhog. Threw it out and bam set the hook and it was game on. Finally hooked and landed it. It was a spotted bass. Roughly 2-3 lbs.


So now I know what they want. For the next hour, I caught a couple of more spotted bass. I'll tell you what, these guys fight really good for their size. It was unbelievable.

Then a couple with their dogs came and splash water next to us. The action stopped :( I'm like really...really!!! They could have gone around the corner and do that stuff. Oh well.

No trout caught at Bass Lake :( but it was my first bass at BASS Lake. haha. So fitting for the name.

Another highlight of the day was a bald eagle did a few fly-by right in front of us. It was amazing. It always happen when I don't have my big camera with me :( I forgot it at home. I was really really bummed. I could have taked some amazing shot of the bald eagle.

I managed to get some with the iphone camera. Not very good.


Later in the day, we see the bald eagle give chase to a vulture from one end of the lake to the other. It was amazing. Vulture had a good distance in front of the eagle and then it caught up and the battle was on. Didn't last long.

Oh well. The day was ending and it was time to head home. Until next time.


Shaver and Bass Lake is heating up and the lake lice are out already. We probably won't be hitting it up much longer. Higher mountain and Bon Tempe will be it. Or the river.

05-21-2013, 11:26 AM
Where is the bass lake report? Lol

Was in the middle of typing it up haha. :)

05-21-2013, 11:31 PM
Nice 'bow at Shaver!
I hope you gave that couple with the dog an earfull! People nowadays got no respect.
Don't know how many boats I've pinged when fishing from shore. Especially at Wishon and Courtright.

I blame the paved road and Fresnos population growth... :wink: