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06-02-2013, 02:21 PM
Just thought I would throw this out.

Maybe the snake head thing is over blown. Maybe the snake head is the fresh water Ling. Just saying this is a very curious article.

"several snakeheads were brought on board, inspected, tagged, recorded, and released – bare-handed!" and released!!!!

Heres the link.

Behind the snakehead legend | Photographers Blog (http://blogs.reuters.com/photographers-blog/2013/05/30/behind-the-snakehead-legend/)

Sure looks like a fighter.

Before the ranting starts. I am not suggesting this is a good idea. With our government(CA)doing all they can, we do not need a fish to help f up our ecosystem. I'm just throwing the article out.

Obviously I'm bored and not fishing.

06-02-2013, 04:20 PM
I have never caught any that big but I have caught lots of them in Cambodia. Fished for them in very shallow water, sometimes less than a foot, with a weedless frog. One thing about the article is correct they are about a good of eating fish as there is. I have seen them in some of the Asian stores here but have never bought any. I can see how they could really screw up an ecosystem as they will attack just about anything and can almost anywhere.

06-02-2013, 04:28 PM
Cool article thanks for sharing!!!