View Full Version : New traffic lanes for commercial shipping traffic offshore san francisco

06-04-2013, 06:30 PM
As of 1701 local time on Friday, May 31, 2013, the new IMO approved San Francisco Offshore Traffic Separation Scheme amendments went into effect. The approved coordinates can be obtained from Enclosure (1) of USCG District 11 LNM 16/13. Chart corrections for charts 18645 and 18680 can be obtained from section 1 of US Notice to Mariners 22-2013.

A general description of the TSS amendments is as follows:

The Northern approach has been shifted slightly to the west, extended 16.7 NM to the Offshore Boundary of the VTS Area and a turn has been added to keep ships away from cordell bank. The western approach has been extended 5.9 NM and shifted slightly to the south. The Northern and Western approaches have also been narowed to a consistent 3 NM in width which provides a 1 NM separation zone and two traffic lanes with a width of 1 NM. The Southern approach has been extended 8.5 NM to the Offshore boundary of the VTS Area.

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will be monitoring Channel 12 VHF-FM (Offshore) and 14 VHF-FM (inshore)