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06-20-2013, 10:50 PM
Did a lot of scouting today. Hit a few familiar spots and tried many many new ones. Found an awesome pond in the outskirts of west sac that I will be hitting up soon.

Me and my friend google maps put many a backroad mile on my car today. So much posted land though. I'd say a good 80 percent of the water I set to check out ended up being private property. I did see some beautiful country though. After a few hours and many fishing holes later I set back toward sac. Stopped by the dwc. Constant bites. Couldn't keep 2 poles in. Finally gave up and just used one. Lots of undersized stripers. (Surprise right). Lol 15081most about this size

Did land this one though. JUST short. I had my hopes up when I pulled him out lol15082

Hit a few more spots and ends at Lisbon slough west sac. Caught a few gills. Was trying to get a cat but couldn't seem to hook one. Finally switched my hook out To a circle hook. Put a chovie on and finally got my first Lisbon cat 15083 was hopin he'd be bigger lol

Right before heading home I hooked this little surprise. Made my night 15084 13 inches and a fat slab!

Stomach was full of 2" minnows. Gettin ready to fry him up now :) 15085

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06-20-2013, 11:10 PM

Nothing like a crappie ending to a great day :)

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