View Full Version : bodega bay 7/6-7/7

07-08-2013, 08:14 AM
Short version:
7/6- got to Westside at 12:45pm drop the boat in got 4 limits by 4:45 back at the dock by 5:00. All around the Whisle bouy.
7/7- hit the water at 7:45 (same location) fished to 3:00 for 4 fish for 4 or us.

Saturday, crew #1, was a slug fest! All fish were mid teens to 28lbs! lost 3 at the boat, operator error and threw back 4 in the 20-26" range. All but 1 were on bait (green, red, clear didn't matter) and watermelon apex got the single. Note to all: RE-TIE YOUR APEXS!! Lost a fish on one cause the line broke in the middle of apex leader. My stupid fault for being in a hurry. OTW 45-66' and 50-60" being the hot zone for us.

Sunday, crew #2, was totally different. First off there were 5 times more boats, hundreds!!! The bite totally changed. First off the slugs moved on and the rats moved in. We had to constantly change gear around from bait, hoochies, bait, and apexs with and without flashers. I couldnt' find any pattern except losing fish. I lost 9 fish all due to rookie crew. We still had a good time but limits would of been better. Fished whisle bouy to the 17.75 line, too scared to get closer to the 18 line. Hear DFG was out there in the afternoon cutting tickets for boats past the 18 line but that was only a rumor on the radio.

Will try to post pix later. Heading back up weds. for another run at the slugs hopefully.