View Full Version : Bodega Salmon July 11, 2013

07-13-2013, 07:43 AM
20# and 25# salmon OTS, 1 SDR, 1 LDR, 3 HNS, outside the Whistle Buoy 38.13.70 122.59.80. Pastor Steve Murakami joined me for the day trolling. Anchovy naked on a cable baiter or in a UV FBR 80-85 OTW with a green Hot Spot on the downrigger ball with anchovy scent. 2.4-3 mph 25 back. There was no wait to launch at Westside this morning. We headed out at 5 and were trolling at 5:40. Tried the Whistle Buoy for nothing, Tomales Pt to above Elephant in 80-120 water for nothing, back to outside the Whistle. It was dead for us the first 6 hours, all our action occurred between 11:30-1:17. 8 hours (5:40 - 1:30), 40 miles. Sunrise 5:58. % moon visible 5%. Water 57.5*, some grass and lots of jelly fish, gear popped off, needed to be cleared every 15 minutes. Air 51-60*. Sky overcast, fog, clear. Wind: variable less than 5 kt becoming WNW 5 to 9 kt in the afternoon. Swell: mixed NW 5 ft at 9 seconds and SW 1 to 2 ft at 19 seconds. Wind waves around 1 ft. Bodega Bay Harbor tides: H 12:50 5.3 L 5:45 0.0. H 2:35 4.8. Over 100 boats out today. Thanks for the company Steve, it was great being able to get out with you today.

Bigg A
07-13-2013, 07:58 AM
Nice......thanks for the very informative and detailed report and congrats on the catch. It seems to be some fish in our backyard this year