View Full Version : half moon bay 8/5 limits

08-06-2013, 07:10 AM
Well woke up at 5:30 on monday with the intent to head out early on mon but being the night before had gone to the Dylan concert and went to bed late. After hitting the snooze button woke up an hr, later and decided to to take my dog Bruno to the beach for his daily walk.After seeing the water conditions decided to cut his walk short , loaded the boat up and off I went solo to HMB,Heard the fish were still being caught off the red can and down to the Ritz.Put in at the red can with calm seas and drizzling conditions trolling 40oz balls with cable baiters at 30'.heard a few fish caught at the ritz so made my way to the vicinity but no such luck.decided to make my way back up to the red can being I start work at three .At this point only had three black cod to show for 3hrs of trolling as I approached the red can I get a take down after a short battle 14# to the net tough order trying to net and land a fish by yourself.Put back in within ten minutes another this time a 10# landed and off to the launch to head for home, was able to clean the boat and stow everything away and make to clock in on time.Efren