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08-10-2013, 12:52 PM
Hi there,I was told of this site by a freind. I am a long time fisherman. Fished out of Half Moon Bay till 1985 then moved to the East Coast. I moved back to the East bay about 13 years ago.

I am wanting to start Rock Cod fishing again on the charter boats here in Half Moon Bay or Emeryville. The New Huck Fin, I know alot of the fishing gear and tackle has changed with also the regs. I still have my 6 foot Penn Slammer and my Penn 60 Long Beach. Still in like new condition.
Went on a Salmon trip on Friday 8/9/13 on the Outer Limits and had a blast. Was my first salwater trip in many years
Now will this rod still work now that they fish in alot less depth of water?
Also what is the latest and greatist in Rock Cod rods and reels?

Thanks in advance

08-11-2013, 01:38 PM
That rod and reel should still work fine. However, I would take it apart to clean and oil. New drags with grease for smoothness and corrosion resistance as well. (HT-100). IMO braided line is the way to go for rockcod. Braid or Spectra line allows you to use smaller and lighter reels. Braid is also more sensitive and has almost no stretch. Tie on a short mono topshot and your set.