View Full Version : Shark Fishing the SF Bay 8-10-2013

08-13-2013, 09:53 AM
Well made it out to the SF Bay. Launched at Berkley going out was great boat launch was great. Getting the bait you want is the hard part. went to the bait shop there at the marina and no midshipmen bait... well lets get anchovies and squid.... went out to treasure island (south east side) staying out of the wind. Threw the anchor 40 FOW , and 15 seconds fish on (wow) now we need to know what it is fist shark of the day scrappy little sand shark or something of that nature. Pretty exciting for not ever being out there. So the rest of the day went the same catching small sharks all kinds of them maybe 20 or 30 with a few mixed in rays. went for a little rough drive around the bay and checked out a Giants game from the back side and back to our trusty shark spot. Set anchor again and it was a little slow, tide was coming in fast. caught a few more sharks all leopards this time then right at the end of the day caught a pretty large skate. what a fight. that lasted about 15 minutes. Headed back to Berkeley and wow that was rough probably too rough for my little boat but we made it. Next time I will come in earlier instead of 2:30 pm. I think if I would have launched at San Leandro the water would have been calmer for that day anyway. Well that's my report what a good day all fish went back nothing saved and no pics but fun.

08-13-2013, 10:28 AM
Good report and good job on your first trip out there. We were there on Saturday as well. Did ok but nothing of any size for us.

Yeah it can be a pound going into Berk in the afternoon, with the shallow water the waves stack up. Just take it slow and you will be ok. Going into San Leanadro can also be very rough as its very shallow and the wind has a long ways to blow right into the channel.

09-09-2013, 09:58 PM
Nice going on the sharks. Next time you go sharking forget about buying bait just find some salmon scraps of any kind. Thats what i use, its like candy for sharks. Gabe