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08-18-2013, 07:21 PM
So here's the short and stubby version. I'm a virgin hunter looking to acquire all the information and knowledge i can. I do not have to luxury of being born into a hunting family so this is all very new to me. I will be deer hunting public lands and intend on transitioning to mostly game meat(pig, bear, turkey, squirrel) for our food. What i would love is for any of you to just give me one thing, one hard lesson learned, one bit of advice, one little helpful tip learned from all of the collective years of hunting experience. I certainly don't want any honey holes or secret spots. I need to earn my own and learn how to find them but i would certainly appreciate any advise you all have to offer. Thank you!

08-18-2013, 07:27 PM
To clarify i will be using a rifle for deer/bear/boar and shotgun for turkey and squirrel. I'm currently planning on using a borrowed Remington 700 7mm mag for large game and a Rem 870 12gauge for the rest.

Reel Fun
08-18-2013, 08:22 PM
First piece of advice....(I know its borrowed) But that's a lot of gun for Deer! Probably too much gun! Not sure what zone your hunting but go as high as possible early. If you can get to 4500-6000 ft that would be good. Once the weather hits (snow) they will be lower. You can get them lower early but the herd will be high. If you can hunt from a tree stand that would be better. I use a Summit climbing tree stand and they work great! Be sure to hunt the first/last hour of daylight. Good luck!! RF

08-18-2013, 08:25 PM
Get a nice little .22 for the squirrel. I shoot a Marlin Model 60 and took a few dozen tree squirrels last season.

7mm Rem mag is too large of a caliber for blacktails, may be ok for california mule deer.

Walk slow. take 4-5 steps and stop, wait, listen. Depending on what you're hunting look up or down and watch....then take a few more steps and repeat....

Turkey is a scouting game, do that, learn to call, and be there before any light shows and you have a good chance even on public land.

I'e hunted archery deer last two days in D6, no deer within bow range.

Hunt well


08-18-2013, 08:26 PM
Yeah stick with a .22 for the squirrels that shotgun won't leave much left for dinner. Lol

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D Fish
08-19-2013, 12:30 AM
To clarify i will be using a rifle for deer/bear/boar and shotgun for turkey and squirrel. I'm currently planning on using a borrowed Remington 700 7mm mag for large game and a Rem 870 12gauge for the rest.

If your going to be hunting public lands (BLM), make sure you scout the areas you are hunting before hand.. meaning DO YOUR HOMEWORK LOL.. Public lands are Very High Pressure Hunted.. Ca is mostly a private land success story, don't get me wrong we have deer on our public lands, they are far and few in between because of the hunting pressure.. I would also try going with a smaller caliber rifle for your big game here; maybe a 30x6 or even a 270.. and for your squirrels, cotton tail ect. I'd go with a 22 rifle paired with a scope since your a novice.. Like Katfish said "that shotgun wont leave much for dinner" lol.. Good Luck out there!

08-19-2013, 04:50 AM
Hunt all day. This last deer I shot at 1:30pm

Keep in mind that the hunter success rate is from about 6% to 12% in the D zones so don't get discouraged. X zones...you won't hunt that often...Unless you are real lucky in the draw. Hunt private property if you can get access if there is game there.

Know your weapon, what it can do, what you can do with it. You need to be able to make the shot when it presents itself.

Scout...look for sign. Scat, track, well used game trails, etc,. Did I say scout, yes, scout, scout.

Ask around. Some hunters will give you credible info on where they have seen deer or what ever. On this last hunt we got some info from talking to a truck driver hauling logs out.

There's a few. On a side note, be careful when eating meat killed with a shot gun. You don't want to be biting down hard on a BB. You can mess your teeth up.

08-19-2013, 07:03 AM
A lot of good imfo. already mentioned above,..from your avatar picture i'm going to guess you already got some good shoes,big part of good hunting gear.Get real familiar with that rifle,i'm guessing its got a scope on it,take it and practice throwing it up and being on target quick, from 25 yds. to 200yds. for instance,..being able to find your target quick can and will add to the freezer.If its got a variable powered scope, keep it turned down to lowest setting when walking/still hunting, easier to pick up a target quicker.Be aware of the ballistics, and know that in steep country, your shooting the level distance to the target, not the diagonal.A rangefinder is real handy. Look into a pair of shooting sticks, fairly cheep and a real aid in making a clean kill.When you think your moving slow, move slower.Bino,s are a big part of hunting, buy the best you can afford.Don't skyline yourself, walking the top of a ridge is a good way to be seen by every critter for miles.When your stopping to glass around or setting up on stand, try to stay in the shadows, or beside/from cover to break up your outline.A wind bottle is handy, if your still hunting timber with the wind at your back,..you've already lost.Be patient, be on your stand site at least 1/2 hr. before light,..let everything around you relax.The farther from the roads you get, the better your odds. These are some of what I think is important,..opinions very.Best of luck! Mike

08-19-2013, 07:29 AM
thanks for the great start guys. I certainly agree that the 7mag is way too much but unfortunately it's what i've got right now. I have been trying to figure out how to pull off getting a .308 or .270. Looking at the Marlin X7 or Ruger American. lots of good stuff so far, thanks again.

09-16-2013, 11:51 AM
I have been hunting public lands for 14 years with only 6 bucks...and missed one last year. If you see deer from your vehicle keep driving. Pull over a couple hundred yards later, and walk back to where you saw them. If you get out of the truck and they see it..they will run. Also try to be in your hunt area before the sun is up. If you have time to scout before the season opens do it and take notes where you see deer. Hopefully you can pattern them on times and locations. Public lands are tough hear in CA. I finally decided to go to WY this year because of my frustration of lack of success. Spray yourself with a scent blocker before your hunt.