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08-31-2013, 12:59 PM
Just for fun, some info on the Sacramento River, lifeblood of CA.

>Sacramento River 2nd largest river on Pacific Coast behind the mighty Columbia which is seven times larger

>One of the longest rivers in the US entirely within one state (something like 327 miles) behind Alaska's Kuskokwin and Texas's Trinity.

>Largest river by discharge in CA, drains an area of about 27,500 sq. miles in the Northern half of state

>All drainages are within CA. At one time it even received water from the Goose Lake drainage in Southern Oregon, rarely gets water from that far north now.

>Has an annual discharge of 30,000 cfs carrying over 22,000,000 acre ft. of water each year

>Its true or main headwaters are the Sac and Pit rivers originating from the Modoc plateau. The Pit contributes nearly four times the water as the Sac into Shasta

>Heading south many streams and creeks join it, Clear, Cow, Thomes, Ash, Battle, Mill, Stony, Big Chico and then Butte Creek along with many smaller drainages

>Receives the Feather river its largest tributary which brings the Yuba river drainage along with it and then the American river its second largest tributary.

>Its journey ends in Suisun Bay near Antioch where it joins with the San Joaquin

>Shasta dam was started in 1938 and completed in 1945

>Somewhere around 90+ percent of the rivers Riparian habitat has been lost through damming but it still supports 40 to 80 species of fish and over 200 types of birds
along with a myriad of large and small animals. The state and federal govt. has been working thru partnerships with landowners restoring some of this.

>At one time millions of salmon returned up the Sacramento and its tributaries, dams and diversions destroyed these massive runs. 2004 saw 200,000 fish return
in 2008 even those numbers fell off a cliff with only 39,000 fish returning.

>And finally, for a big river the Sacramento is considered a clean river in terms of pollution.

Sources: Mostly wiki but lots of info around the web

08-31-2013, 03:28 PM
Love the Sac River. Good info.


dennis l
08-31-2013, 04:03 PM
Pretty amazing and to think its our playground.