View Full Version : What gear should I get for surf fishing near cabo?

12-10-2005, 10:37 AM
Todos Santos 45 m NW of Cabo--what should I take?

I'll be staying with friends on the Pacific just NW of Cabo for 3 weeks. Our host has a couple of quad-runners that he says we can use to zip up and down the beach looking for bait which he says boils right near shore all day long. He says they catch sierra, rooster fish and an occasional dorado and baby yellow fin tuna right from the beach. He also has a couple of kayaks so we can get offshore a bit.

I'm not sure what to take. I have a six foot ugly stick that I believe is like 15-40 lb test ready that I use for salmon. I will be out trolling sometimes for bigger fish, probably yellowfin but mainly I'll just be casting out from shore. I've got a Penn for trolling. What I'd like to get is a good casting reel. Should I get a spinner or would you stay away from spinners? I could use it later here in the Moss Landing area for stripers/perch. Let's say my budget for the reel is $150. Would you go with 25# test, lighter or stronger? I like to give them a chance.

Do I need a longer rod? (Should I ask my wife that one?).I have an 8 footer too. Also, what lures/irons would you use for the fish that I'll be targeting from shore in baja? Crocodiles etc?



12-10-2005, 06:50 PM
any bass rod like 6-7ft and if you can cast
baitcaster reel use one of them
or a spinning reel if you prefer.
go with 12-15lb test and with stuff in the
3/4-1.5oz stuff... hair raisers,krocks,swimbaits
shad raps,and some jerk baits too...
get a fanny pack to wear so you can change up
baits quick.... you can throw any bass rig far
enough with just wing'n it out there as opposed
to carrying around an 8ft heavier rig....

just south of toto santos is a surf and beach spot
called pescadero and that beach on the south side
has a rivermouth and it is great as well as the cliffs
to the north of the surf too.... theres a great place
to eat there too...
also, do not forget to take snorkel gear, as there
are lobster just outside the surf line and along
those cliff area in like 15-20ft of water....
and there are alot of boats that go out of the
place your staying and just ask to get out and
fish.... theres dorado less than 1/2mi out trolling..
great area to fish,surf and play.....have fun :D *