View Full Version : Lake Nacimento 10/7

10-08-2013, 07:40 PM
Naci is red hot right now for spots. Yesterday we headed out for a little spot fishing. We were planning on going to lake San Antonio but they've shut it down due to low water. We had morning stuff yo do again so we didn't get on the water until around 3. It was about 90 degrees when we got to the lake so we started out drop shotting and working wacky rigged worms along the edge of a flat. Picked about about 20 fish this way all between 8 and 13 inches. When the sun got a little lower in the sky we moved up onto the flats and started burning lv500's. Picked up another quick 10 fish or so of a little better quality, about 10-14 inches. Then the fun started. We found a group of shad schooled up and getting hammered by whites and spots. It was about 30 minutes of mayhem, as quick as you could get the lure in the water it would get hammered. We easily had 10 doubles and spent the other time alternating fish. The fish from this group were all 10-16 inches with one big white that went nearly 3 pounds. I ended the day with 39 fish on my fish counter and my buddy had 46. No pictures, as there weren't any truly picture worthy but we had a great trip.

The lv's were crack blue and aurora black but I truly believe they would have hit any color we were burning them so fast. I love spots because they are so scrappy and even the little ones give you a good fight!

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