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09-08-2005, 09:29 PM
Hi folks, i am a girl just fell in love with fishing…well, but with constrains. I don’t want to go fishing alone but my bf will not go with me if it’s too ‘far away’, and to give u some ideas, anything more than 80 miles away is considered ‘far’…so I am looking for good spots (with better chance to catch fish, doesn’t matter what kind) to fish close to SF city. Btw, I can only fish off the rocks, bank or pier….no boating.

Your help is very much appreciated!!!

09-08-2005, 09:45 PM
relationships can come and they can go. don't let one get in the way of your fishing.same with jobs.

09-08-2005, 10:19 PM
KT,.....welcome to the boards
and welcome to the home of girls who love fishing
and a whole lot of boys who love fishing too... ;D
be careful...lol
what kind of pole do you have and what type of fish
do you want to catch....
I only ask that cause if you have only a trout pole
shark and ray fishing might not be the best place to
start you out....

let us know, ;) ;D

09-09-2005, 12:43 PM
Hey KT, welcome to the board. Try pierfishing.com if you're going to shore fish. They have great reports there about various piers running up and down the california coast. Check their archives for a little info on the piers.

09-09-2005, 05:31 PM
I hear pacifica pier is wide open for stripers right now

09-10-2005, 06:20 AM
YES WIIIIIIIIIDE OPEN :o and I ended up at the Berkely Pier for lepard sharks. Was alot of fun and a chance for butts at the end of the pier. WELCOME AND TIGHT LINES, Rich

09-10-2005, 07:38 AM
i guess lucky me, my s/o got hooked with me. we like to go freshwater alot, since we are both beginers. there are alot of places, but i cant say much for action. im a complete noob. im wetting my feet in saltwater this weekend. the lady and i are going out on the queen of hearts, in half moon bay. it seems really reasonable, 60 + gear rental. im thinking its a great way to learn some stuff about salt water fishing, then perhaps we can try out spots like paradise cay, san pablo, pacifica, marina, by the ggb, etc.

good fishing.

09-10-2005, 06:17 PM
Bob Ingles is a great skipper. If you want to learn more about saltwater fishing, ask the deckhand or the skipper. Or ask the grizzled party boat regulars too. All great sources of info. And ask us, chances are someone will have an answer to your questions. Good luck!

09-10-2005, 06:27 PM
Posted by: Finmuffin Posted on: Today at 7:17pm
Bob Ingles is a great skipper. If you want to learn more about saltwater fishing, ask the deckhand or the skipper. Or ask the grizzled party boat regulars too. All great sources of info. And ask us, chances are someone will have an answer to your questions. Good luck!

I concur with Finmuffin. Why don't you try fishing at Lake Merced in a month or so when the temps get cooler. It's not as glamorous as Eagle Lake, Stampede, New Melones, etc., but the bottomline is that Lake Merced is in SF. Good luck!

09-10-2005, 09:47 PM
.no boating.

Your help is very much appreciated!!!

Well that leaves me out.lol ;D But if I was going to bank fish I would look into the river for Salmon.

09-10-2005, 10:03 PM
Try Benicia state park or first st. fish for Salmon from shore with spinners.

09-10-2005, 10:17 PM
I need to try merced out sometime. do they stock it in spring or winter or both?

09-11-2005, 03:44 PM
Wow, thanks for all the replies! Didn't get a chance to read everyone but will do so tonight! Went fishing at Oyster point yesterday, caught some baby sharks and bat ray..keep threwing them back to the water, felt bad for these babies..

Should prob stop using squid as bait and try anchovies next time.

09-11-2005, 06:11 PM
A friend of mine went out to oyster point yesterday. He said he caught about 20 sub legal sharks and nothing else. He was using anchovies. I think that rays and sharks are all thats biting there right now. halibut were all over only 2 weeks ago.

09-11-2005, 06:29 PM
Check out the Hitchhikers board, there are bankies there too who you could meet up with and fish with.

09-13-2005, 12:06 PM
a lot depends on what style of fishing you like to do. I'm a confirmed bankie who tosses lures a lot (some bait, though), and I fish, maybe, 5 days a week. if you count up the actual times I fish, I'd guess it's over 7x a week (for shorter sessions). often, it's 3x a day.

fwiw, there are a lot of fishing spots in and around SF. for lures, the whole shoreline between candlestick and the san mateo bridge is filled with well trod plugging spots. pretty much pick a spot and start tossing.
for bait, it's just about the same.

in the city itself, the stretch from the GGB to the yacht harbot is a pretty well known plugging spot for buts and bass (and the odd lingcod), and live bait can work along that beach as well.

going west, the rocks just west of the GGB is a decent rockfishing spot, but the hike down is pretty grim at times. also, watch your footing on foggy days. the trail can get slippery.

south from lands end, you hit ocean beach and all the perch spots there. further south towards pacifica/HMB and south, are lots of beaches and rock spots for perch, rocky species and stripers/buts.

North of the city are lots of fishing spots as well. just below the GGB is the Ft. baker pier and the Ft. Baker jetty. the jetty can be hit or miss, but if a school of blue or black rockfish are cruising, you can get some red hot action for decent sized fish.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that the fishing is right under your nose. I second the recommendation of the pierfishing board. it's not just piers there, but any shoreline fishing. if you're a newbie to fishing, don't be afraid to get involved. lots of people willing to help out or invite you out and show you the ropes. (I'm 2d there as well, and I can come across as a bit crusty on the board, but hit me up on e-mail and I'm a lot nicer, i think)

09-13-2005, 03:03 PM
KT give Baker Beach shot with store shrimp. Perch and maybe some jacksmelt now, and stripers in the spring.
Fort Point pier is a spot to ask a lot of questions at, most of those guys are in the know, and can give you some current info. They might even catch a salmon or two right in front of you so you can see how it's done (that's good for the next couple of weeks :P)

09-13-2005, 03:21 PM
Fisherman are much more likely to help women out, so you got an advantage over most of the newbies out there. ;)

09-14-2005, 02:27 PM
chrissy fields has been known to pull some stipers and butts
china camp on the marin side for stripers
all the beaches produce fish
berkeley pier
the brisbane tubes
and all the other places everyone else has mentioned
the possibilities are endless

there are pretty much spots everywhere. timing is probably the most important thing when it comes to different spots and different species. for instance, fishing oyster point during certain times of the year will produce nothing more than baby sharks and rays while fishing it at other times of the years can produce stripers and butts. do a little research and lots of scouting. ask local fishing tackle stores and local fisherman...they'll always put you on to a good spot and if the timing is right, you'll hook up (provided you put your time in). also, if you're driving near water...always keep an eye out for fisherman. i'm not talking just one or two fisherman ...but groups...chances are, they're "in the know" =)

good luck and enjoy yourself!