View Full Version : Need advice on Capitola skiff fishing.

08-29-2005, 10:46 AM
Hello fellow fishermans,

I will be going to http://www.ci.santa-cruz.ca.us/pr/wharf/scboatrentals.html

The Capitola one, any advice on where to fish? It will be my 2nd time there, any GPS info would be great too.

Thanks in advance ;D

08-29-2005, 10:04 PM
if I were you I would fish the santa cruz one...
the fish are off lighthouse pt to natural bridges...
and from the santa cruz wharf its easier to get too...
I'll get you some #s... ;) ;D

08-29-2005, 10:45 PM
shhhhhhhhhhhh don't show these to anyone...ok ;) :)
heres some #s I'll have to go to my unit to get the
others...these are common ones...

and heres some #s...
Moss Landing Canyon 36 48.15N/121 49.00W Northern side
Capitola Kelp 36 57.85N/121 56.65W
Adams Reef : 36.56.06 / 121.57.50
Park Reef Kelp 36 56.75N/122 03.31W
Soquel Pt Kelp 36 57.00N/121 58.25W
Santa Cruz Reef 36 56.68N/122 01.31W
Three Trees 36 54.51N/122 02.52W
Table Rock 36 57.85/122 08.05
Sand Hill Bluff 36 58.90/122 10.10
Davenport Landing 37 00.31/122 12.37
dog bone or pink house
north side..............south side
36 56.09/122.02.52 to 36.56.07/122.02.34
mile bouy reef 36.56.23/122.02.59
One Mile Buoy : 36.56.22 / 122.01.00
Yellow Buoy sc : 36.56.22 / 122.02.00
natual bridges bouy 36.56.36/122.03.41
no tie bouy 36,56.38/122.04.47
lighthouse reef 36,56.31/122.01.34
South Rock : 36.55.28 / 122.01.46

if these #s don't get you fish,
you should take up bowling or golf..lol ;) ;D
go get'm and take your camera....pics

08-30-2005, 02:58 AM
I think I've read that some where before ;)

I'd go with SC too, however Capitola did have better motors and fish finders.