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08-03-2005, 07:23 AM
i want to try spearfishing around the shore of montery with no scuba gear. Just a wetsuit and mask and speargun.
Can anyone help me out here? Maybe where to go and what species are available in that area? Any information is helpful. Thanx

08-03-2005, 08:21 AM
I have done some spearfishing in the Montery area with just ok luck and that was with scuba.just need to watch where you are since there is alot of protected(no fishing) water by the aquarium and lovers point.but recreation diveing is great just no taking fish.also check with the dive shop down on the Coast guard pier for good dive places .hope this helps

08-03-2005, 01:17 PM
Dear Diver:

check out the following map! I kayak fish and havn't been diving but, I would go out with a local guide because most divers keep their spots close to the vest!
Good Luck


08-03-2005, 08:07 PM
fisherdude,If I were you I would find some clear water on the beach and try to find a halibut.otherwise you will probbaly be waisting your time down there!

08-10-2005, 08:39 AM
I have had some good luck for rock fishes on the south end of monistary beach just south of carmel. also have heard of a number of spots off of carmel beach southern end but have not found any good entry points.

08-12-2005, 11:45 AM
I have been diving in the Monterey area for 25 yrs. My advice would be to go somewhere else for spear fishing. Not because there are no fish but because this area gets so many divers. The area used to have far more fish, and bigger ones than it does now.
Anyway, anywhere there is kelp there are fish. It's not so much where you spearfish as how. I learned to spearfish by watching a seal hunt many years ago. Lay in the kelp, wait for fish to come to you. you will get 3x as many fish.

Fish On!

08-18-2005, 11:39 AM
monterey is one of the best spearfishing places i have been to. the fish are abundant depending on where you dive and for freedivers its a dream. we get good water days and can dive year round there. i have been diving carmel and monterey for 4 years and have always managed to get good fish. monterey is one of the few places in the bay area i know of where i can go out and land a calico bass in less than 20 feet of water. carmel down to garrapata and big sur offer some spectacular sights and water for the snorkeling spearfisherman. often friends and i will just meet in carmel or monterey and dive right from shore. close kelp paddies harbor large lings and rock cod. let me know if you have any questions and i'll try and help you out. spearfisherman can land lings almost all year like those fishing from shore. the only difference is we have to spend time in cold water to get em. this year during ling season i have not gotten skunked a single time. just have to know where and how to look for them. most lings i have gotten have been within 15 feet of the surface with the exception of the last one near point pinos at 53 feet.

dive safe and bringa friend. let me know if you need some hints!


08-18-2005, 11:54 AM
oh yeah, about the species you can get within spear range, halibut, sheephead, calico bass, starry flounder, ling cod, all types of rockfish, cabezon, although i personally have not caught one via spear in monterey , white seabass.

be wary of the protected places and get familiar with the areas that are marine protected areas. also know where the MPA's are for crustaceans and invertebrates. one annoyance of spearfishing in monterey and carmel is that people who think they know the rules and regs will always be the first to approach you and preach about laws they know nothing about. when this happens i always try and handle it professionally and ask them what they know. usually its a series of guesses and lines of BS home made DFG rules. then continue with your diving.

know the rules before you go as spearfishing is not seen as a "friendly" sport by many though it does take far less fish than your average commercial fishing boat. also save some fish for another day too because you will be seeing quite a few and never clean a fish of all the fish, move around and be respectful of fish populations and locations.

learn different ways to hunt fish and types of fish. look from the surface before your dive and see whats below so you'll know what the terrain is like. learn how fish behave and how they camoflauge themselves. know where to find the fish such as calicos staying close to the surface til they get scared. lings are often either on top exposed or in a hole hidden. also on ledges. for halibut, look for the lines of its facial structure and shape. scratch rocks for sheephead etc... learn what fish like to be in kelp and what like to be near edges of reefs. start by taking a freedive class as well. david laird at wallins dive ctr in san carlos is a world class freedive instructor and overall nice guy. he'll get you and your gear set up.

just have fun and most of all, dive safely. get plenty of rest before each surface dive and learn to be very relaxed while under water going through kelp. no fish is worth drowning for.