View Full Version : Bodega 12-11

dennis l
12-11-2013, 07:10 PM
Went out this morning with Seon and Al, probally our last Rock trip of the season. Beautiful weather and seas, a bit cool in the morning but turned into on of those great days for weather and fishing. Seon was the first one to score with a Ling 5 more keepers to follow plus a fair amount of Rockies. All in all a fun trip good friends and large fish makes for memories. Thanks Seon for a great trip and a great year for fishing. Radio chatter in the morning was about a 45lb Ling being caught on one of the party boats, 10 to 15 mintues later they reported it measured 8 1/2" between the eyes. HMM big one are still to be had maybe next year. Got home around 5 and wife fixed fresh Rock Cod for dinner mmm mmmm GOOD. :action-smiley-063: