View Full Version : TSL @ bodega

08-10-2005, 09:15 AM
had the day off yesterday and today
headed to my boat with my son monday evening
had to do a little work on the baot before going out
managed to get out at about 9:00am
water was flat and my son was on bromine(?)
it worked ok for him bout he ended up sleeping after a while
we dropped lines between the head and the island for a couple of quick fish then moved to the outside of the isalnd for a few more
headed down to bird rock with my sons approval (giant step for him)
saw brian m. and the samatha irene fishing where i had planned to drop in
aw well so we crowded in any ways ::)
long day on the water 9:00am-6:30pm
a few decent fish
2 shaker lings
1 lost keeper ling (spit the hook at the boat)
sure is not the quality or quantity of the fish i picked up at point reyes
my son said he had enough and wished to head for home last nite
was hoping to try for some salmon with him today :(

should be back out on sat-sun if the wind stays down