View Full Version : Pyramid Lake 12/30

Mack Tahoe
12-30-2013, 06:14 PM
Headed out of south shore at 4 am, pick my dad up on the way out of town.

Hoping to net him, his first cutthroat,

Arrived at Crosby's at sun rise, what a beautiful day.

Drop two lines in the lake, one on the d-rigger and a lead core, two min into it the d-rigger line goes off, a nice fat 22" cutthroat to the boat, release back into the drink.

Steady action until 10:00 am,
13 hook ups and 7 to the boat, no monsters, but some nice 3 to 5 lb range cutthroats.

Chartreuse was the hot lure color, most hits on the d-rigger, 3 on the lead core .

30' to 60' water depth, was the most active zone.

Few pics, to cold to get the camera out, after the wind picked up at 8:00

Another great day at pyramid.

Glad to get my dad some cutthroat action.


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Captain Compassion
12-30-2013, 07:34 PM
Another great trip. You done good to put your dad on to some LCT. Can't wait to get back there.