View Full Version : Late Rock fish report from 7/13

07-18-2005, 05:44 PM
Sorry about the late report, but I went out Wednesday 7/13 out of Emeryville on the Captain Hook. I got home, and left the next morning for a vegas trip.

We left the docks with a completely full boat. There were about 3 people who actually chose to get off and go salmon fishing because of how full the boat was. I coldn't believe some of them were complaining. I mean what do you expect with an open party boat. They will fill it if they can; thats how they make a living.

Back to the fishing. The captain (Mike I think is his name, still learning who everyone is) decided to go out towards the islands. Apparently the weather had not allowed the boats to make out there yet. We braved the crossing, but let me tell you it was pretty rough out there. A few white caps, some big waves, and a pretty wet ride. There were a few experienced anglers who got sick and lost it, but overall only a handful of people at the rail. The fishing for rock fish was great, and we had limits of good quality size Olive's and Blue's with a few other types mixed in. Unfortunately there were few lings caught out there, and the ones we did catch were just barely over the limit. We had limits within 1 and 1/2 hours, and headed back to check out the bay. We got back to the bay and it was apparently to choppy and windy so the captain headed back to the docks. Got back around 1pm to the docks with 10 rock fish. Overall can't complain. I wish we had stayed around the marin coast where they had been catching a lot of the lings the few days before, but I can understand then wanting to get out to the islands. Overall the fish we were catching were pretty good in size, 3-5lbs, especially the Olives.

We were using shrimp flies and live bait rigs and both worked just as well. The anchovies we got must have been on steroids because they were huge. They looked like sardines more than anchovies. Overall I think the anchovies tended to catch bigger fish, but one guy caught his ling with the shrimp fly so go figure.

Can't wait to make it out again especailly since the halibut have decided to make a showing, but it looks like I wont make it out until August. I work all week and then I have a 5 day trip out of San Diego. Good luck to all and hopefully you can get into the flatties. I didn't take any pics because it was just the standard rock fish and small size lings. nothing to remarkable.

07-18-2005, 09:01 PM
El hefe,Go Hive them hell. Rip some lips.You should hammer them.Make us proud,and take some photos ;)