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02-16-2014, 02:20 PM
Got there at 6. Fished by the dam. Debris everywhere. For first couple hours got nothin. Was looking bad, full moon, dirty water. There was no one out there and I was beginning to think this full moon after rain dirty water theory was true. Then I finally got a bite fishing deep on some rainbow power bait. The trout was all beat up, jaw was messed up, missing a chunk of its tail.

2 more hours of nothing. Saw a few fish jumping like salmon but no bites. We were trying to fish away from the muck and I decided to move and let's fish right in the thick of it lol. Nothing! Then I heard some guy wayyyy over by the boat ramp about being told to cast 5 feet out lol. So I give it a go. 1st cast bam! Fish on. Then another! And another lol! Heck I was getting one out of the net when my other pole slammed down. Ended up having 2 in the net. Had another that bit 1 pole then kept cruising and grabbed my other pole, double hooked lol. Between 10am and 1130 we caught 9 fish. Literally casting about 6 feet from shore right in the debris. It was so thick that you had to cast and reel over and over just to get the power bait to sink because it'd just sit on the debris.

Every fish during that time was on sherbet power bait. Most on bottom and a few on bobber. Nobody else was catching any. It was weird being "that guy" that's catching all the fish out there lol usually I'm the one thinking "what the heck! What am I doing wrong". Of course by the time we left the wind picked up and blew the debris away to where we could cast into open water. I think I only caught 1 after that. Love those trout there. So much bigger and better fighters than the DFG ones

Good times!

02-16-2014, 03:45 PM
My fishing buddy and I hit Amador yesterday for the first time. Our expectations where low due to all the obvious reasons. When we first pulled in we weren't sure if it was water or mud at the bottom of the ramp due to all the debris.

The first fish came within the first hour on the lake, and then a second, by the end of the day we had 5 fish in the boat, 4 LDR (one was a huge fish, aren't they always) and a few takedowns with no hook. At the cleaning station there was a crowd, 4 or 5 boats came in all with fish. Some shore anglers showed up with fish also, nice sized trout and Crappie to boot.

On the water we saw fish being caught by everyone, shore anglers and trollers as well. I can't say it was a red hot day, but considering the conditions it was pretty good! I can only imagine what this lake must be like when it is full.

I will be posting a detailed report later along with pics later today.

02-16-2014, 03:50 PM
Glad you did good! I stopped by there yesterday to check the conditions and the debris was causing havoc for the dam fishermen. I told the wife that if a breeze came-up, the debris would move out, which it did for you! Funny about that 5 foot deal, I've had fish hit lures that close to shore at Amador, so if you toss lures don't give up until it's out of the water. I'm thinking about Amador one day this week, but also want to try Pardee, being the crowds should be gone.