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Captain Compassion
02-16-2014, 05:48 PM
Got a phone call from Utlanan1 Saturay morning saying he was interesting on coming up to fish. I told him that I thought that the roads would be ok with little snow. Efren arrived in the Carson Valley around 1930 after encountering near whiteout conditions on US 50 and Luther Pass. At 0730 Sunday morning and Efren, I and Bruno the insane Chocolate Lab headed for ICR. We stopped briefly on the east shore to say howdy to Nighthawk and JB where were setting up their personal water craft for some fly fishing. We then headed to the south end of the lake and parked at the locked gate. We hiked the road past the closed day use area and fished below the walk in campground. It had rained and snowed during the night so things were a little and icy in spots. W fished until 1300 with 11 fih to the shore. Both Tom and JB were fishing in the area. At one point Efren hooked a nice trout that became entangled in a sunken bush. Efren couldn't break it free. It started tireing an was on the surface where JB was able to net it for Efren. Efren and I managed 11 fish between us to 2 1/2 pounds. Good but not excellent. Perhaps a full moon and an actively feeding otter slowed up things a bit. Thanks for taking me Efren. Glad you could get a little time on the water. Tom. Nice seeing you and nice fish. JB thanks for the rescue.


Nighthawk Setting Up his tube.

Heading up the Road

Open End of April

Setting Out

Little one for Me

One on for Efren

Bruno Wants to Help

Nice one Efren

Tom Connect on an Egg Sucking Leech.

Very Nice Tom

JB Lends a Hand

Another Good one Efren

Small Bow

On a Kastmaster

Dinner Plans

02-16-2014, 06:59 PM
Eleven fish is a good day to me! Cute doggie too. My best friends have a crazy chocolate lab that acts just like that. lol

fat fish
02-16-2014, 09:17 PM
Those are some nice fish Efren caught...looks like a great day except for the blizzard in the morning...I keep telling myself "next weekend" every week. I'll be up that way before too long.