View Full Version : Bass Lake 02.14.14 and Eastman Lake 02.16.14

02-18-2014, 11:05 AM
Hey guys. On Valentine Day, what better way to spend it fishing with the gf and dog rocky. Decided to hit up Bass Lake since we have been hearing great report from it. Got to the lake at 1 and fished til 5. Very slow day without much loving. We did manage to catch one each so it wasn't a total waste. Fished at a new location somewhat near the dam. We usually go to our spot but thought we get more action at this new one. Oh well. We threw the tackle box. I think green pb got one of them. It was a nice day nonetheless.





Then on Sunday after a round of golf in the morning. Decided to grab the gf and dog to hit Eastman Lake. Got there around 2:30 or so. Fished until 5:30. Set up the bait rod and threw a gold kastmaster. 1st cast of the KM, fish on however it came off near shore. Threw it out again and bam fish on again. This time manage to land it.

A few hit on the bait. Then a whopper fish hit on peach pb. Got it in and sure enough it was a big one. Almost 4 pounds. Landed about 7 and kept 4. Not a bad day to end. Left and headed home to clean some fish.

Weather was nice. Water at Bass Lake was pretty clear but had a lot of weed. At Eastman it was a bit stain.

I think with the warm weather, the bass will start to be active. Something to do while the trout finds the bait :D

Anyways, until next time.