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D Fish
03-11-2014, 03:46 PM
Well.... I guess I couldn't wait till next week lol so I am headed to Amador with a buddy for some trout action.. We will be bringing.our float lights also and are going to try and see if we can get into them like we did last year.. I may try for crappie also, not sure if its quite ready yet but am going to give it a shot anyway.. will report back later and let you everyone know how we did..

03-11-2014, 05:40 PM
Good luck....I bet the crappie are ready and willing to take your bait ;)

So many fish.....such little time

03-11-2014, 06:45 PM
Good luck hope you get some trophies.

sent from the banks of somewhere slaying one species at a time........

D Fish
03-11-2014, 11:32 PM
Well folks here's the report, arrived around 6:00p.m. lines in water by 6:20..pm We fished all kinds of different baits (literally) using different techniques for nada..:(( As soon as it was dark, float lights hit the water.. We fished a couple more hours after dark for NADA:(( didn't see many people out at all, 2 boats total about 5 people banking it. Water visibility was about a foot and a half.. Seen 2 crappie caught and 1 trout, as soon as sun went down the FREAKING WIND started blowing so hard it was miserable.. The crappie went about 10in and trout was about 2lbs caught on a jig with a mini rod/reel combo, the guy was targeting crappie when catching the trout.. It seemed like the guy had a HUGE fish on! anyways folks Until next time, I wish I had a better report to share.. Didn't see ANY shad either while float lights were on.. Lots of debris closer to the shore also..

03-11-2014, 11:39 PM
Bummer on the lack of action.

You have submersible lights? Maybe try dropping one down about 10 feet next time and putting your bait at about the same depth.

D Fish
03-12-2014, 10:51 AM
Bummer on the lack of action.

You have submersible lights? Maybe try dropping one down about 10 feet next time and putting your bait at about the same depth.

I don't have submersible lights, I am actually going to look into them.. My lights float right on the water..

03-12-2014, 02:15 PM
Bummer on the fishing and that wind was still nasty today! Debated this morning on whether or not to go, but decided what the heck, maybe it won't be bad, WRONG! There were periods of light breezes which weren't bad, but then some gusts that made shore fishing not so good. Strange, the guy next to me, maybe 40 feet away, got a limit using the same bait/set-up as I was using, I only got one. Left at 12:30 after being snagged again by floating debris. Not sure how others did, couple of people in boats said they had 1 or 2, and the other bankers around me had none. Oh well, nice day, except for the wind. If you're going Saturday, bring sun lotion!!!!!!!

03-13-2014, 06:53 AM
I just hope that the lake doesn't get to stirred up to kill any possible bite from shore . I was going to bring boat but I figured it would just add to the muddy shoreline and stir up more debris. Plus I'm bring the whole family. I have never brought my two girls so I hope they get some hog cutbow's to hook them for life. See you all out there .

03-13-2014, 07:58 AM
JOSH its,will be a mud pit the,whole,shore will be chocolate milk bring extra sent. All the boat traffic ruins the banks,of amador this is why I won't fish it on weekends or derbys. Your boat might ne best bet and find fish and anchor or find water that ain't to stained. The front by the dam shouldn't get to muddy but it will ne a mad house being that that's,where everyone fishes on any giving Sunday let alone a Derby. Good luck to all there will ne fish caught hope you get the big one.