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04-27-2014, 09:14 AM
Like a few of the posts I've read, I seriously thought about heading up to the Carson river yesterday (Saturday), but kept checking weather service reports and decided a storm advisory up to 05:00 AM Saturday wasn't in my best interest.

So I decided to fish for Sly Park for the very first time. Since Pollack Pines recorded about an inch of snow, I wasn't in a hurry to get up there. Got there about 09:30, parked in the day use lot near the second dam and after some investigation, I think I had the rods in the water closer to 10.

I used a worm on a slip bobber with a bit of anise oil. The bobber had barely settled in the water when I got my first nibbles. The fish were strolling up, nibbling the worms, would take the bobber under and then release it. I figured out I was leaving too much worm hanging (I haven't fished too much with worms so I need to practice more with them).

About an hour in, after trying some Kastmaters, I hooked my first trout on a #6 black on black spotted Panther Martin. While I was using spinners, I was keeping an eye on the 2nd rod with the bobber. I think I got the worm set up working a bit better because I saw the bobber wiggle and twitch and then went under and my line went taught. I was able to seal the deal on that guy.

I've only been fishing about 2 years so I'm still learing nuances of bait, presentation, retrieve, weather, temperature, etc so for me as long as I don't lose a lure, it's been a good day. Besides, I'm just out there working on my casting and practicing and if a fish comes along, even better. Yesterday wasn't so bad, two 14-16" Rainbows.

04-27-2014, 10:51 AM
Well done! It is a great way to learn fast to have the two rod endorsement so you can let one sit with bait and cast lures on the other. The lure bite is exciting when you feel a fish slam that thing in hand. Thanks for the report and for contributing to the forum.

We await your next adventure.