View Full Version : Camanche, Six trout and one piggie koke. 4-26-14.

04-27-2014, 05:53 PM
Up at 4am and on the water by 8am. Dark clouds threatened us with rain but they eventually dissipated and out came the sun. We headed back to the dam area and set up shop.
I caught the first fish. A 15" football Kokanne! On the new pink Okuma pole I bought from Larry! It came on a Gvf Gold digger and dodger. Love your gear Rich!

Mike was next with a 19" trout on a green grub with an action disc.


My turn again, 15" trout on an orange sparkle fly.

Then Mike, 16" trout on an olive colored fly. Released.

Me, 15" trout on the green sparkle grub. Released.

Me again, 13" trout on the gold digger again. Released.

Mike, 16" trout on the olive fly once more. Released.

https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t1.0-9/10314552_710658565646467_8803879584687988155_n.jpg Almost all the fish came around 40'. Two of them at 30' They hit everything we used except for spoons today. Flies got the most action.

We lost three near the boat and one in the net. Has several pop offs so there was plenty of action. We kept three of the seven today. All the trout had pods on them. Kind of gross but we have all seen them before. No biggie? I am curious though as I don't ever recall seeing a koke with them. Is it because they are too fast? Hmmm....

Anyways, When we stopped at the kiosk to pay this morning I asked if they were still searching for the missing boater. The girl there said this was her first day working since about four days ago so she didn't know. I guess it was around noon when we were near the dam and the same two patrol boats showed up. They stayed about 45 minutes and took off. So we still don't know if they found the body or not. But why else would they be out there? They didn't tell us to leave this time. I am very curious if anyone knows. I feel very bad for all involved.

We left the lake around 3pm. Nice to be home after a really fun day of catching. Having that Kokanee for lunch tomorrow will be amazing! Enjoy some pics from our day.






Till next time friends....
Mike and Kristy.

04-27-2014, 07:13 PM
Great job you guys. It didnt take long for u to start kicking ass in the new rig. Kokes do get infested with copepods too. I hear Wiskeytown Lake kokes can be pretty bad especially in the summer months. Anyways enjoyed your report as usual and thanks for posting.


04-27-2014, 07:21 PM
Thanks Brutus, I just hadn't seen a koke with them before. Yes we LOVE the new boat!

04-27-2014, 07:42 PM
Nice to get some blood in the new boat. That's really a great Kokanee. Maybe a sign of a good year for big ones?


04-27-2014, 08:10 PM
Thanks for the outstanding report mike and kristy, I need to get back out to camanche.

04-27-2014, 09:01 PM
Sah-Weet! Way to work the new tin can and gear. Good looking kokes too.