View Full Version : Secrets of Squid surviving the Oxygen starved depths.

05-28-2014, 11:48 AM
It is amazing how squids pull this off. Wish we could also shutdown our metabolism on a whim. I am suspecting that catfish may be using similar techniques perhaps on smaller scale during the winter in the deeper lakes, but that is just my speculation.

"No Oxygen? No Problem!" Says Squid That Can Shut Down Its Metabolism - Inkfish | DiscoverMagazine.com (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/inkfish/2014/05/27/no-oxygen-no-problem-says-squid-that-can-shut-down-its-metabolism/#.U4Y8IC95Kt4)

Exploring How Jumbo Squid Use Oxygen to Survive - US News (http://www.usnews.com/science/articles/2010/10/04/exploring-how-giant-squid-use-oxygen-to-survive)