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06-13-2014, 12:46 AM
Fished from 6-10am at Almanor on 6/10. Trolled rapalas along the east shoreline in hopes of browns or big bows and only managed to land numerous small smallmouth bass.

Got to antelope lake that evening set up camp and trolled sidekick/wedding ring tipped with a crawler on top and a dodger/hoochie tipped with crawler on lead core and managed two trout in about a half hour.

On 6/11 I woke up with the sun, walked down to the boat, and hit the water. Fished for two hours and caught 7 rainbows, all 12-14 inches, one the aforementioned set-ups. Got back to camp figuring breakfast and coffee would be ready only to find everyone still in sleeping bags. Wakeboarded, yes I said it, most of the day and relaxed until evening when I got back in my boat and got down to business. Put another 5 fish in the boat before sundown including the first holdover of the trip, a fat stocky 15 incher that was wider around than it was long.

6/12 I got little earlier start and worked the same areas with the same set ups and found a few fish but wanted to mix it up. Switched to rapalas which I hadn't used yet due to the amount of weeds in the lake but found them to be very productive on the downrigger set at 15 feet. Landed 13 fish in 2 hours and was once again back at camp before anyone was out of their sleeping bags.Decided to forego the big wakeboard boat for a little longer and explore the lake some more. Fished for an hour or so, Found an area holding some fish and after landing a few, managed to entice a nice 18 inch holdover that ended up being the best of the trip. Ended the day with 21 fish to the boat

Caught over 30 fish in three days but only really had lines in the water 4-5 hours each day. Lots of 10-12 inch fish, a few 12-14 inchers and one 18 incher. Rapalas got the numbers but the dodger/hoochie on 4 colors of leadcore got all the size. Only caught a handful of brook trout. The holdovers had beautiful orange, slightly red meat and were delicious.

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06-13-2014, 09:12 AM

Great job combining fishing and boarding! Is this the lake above Janesville? If so how's the water level?


06-13-2014, 11:46 AM
Yes it is above Janesville and was a foot below the spillway.

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