View Full Version : Prarie Rub Salmon Fillets!

10-16-2007, 05:12 PM
I came up with this out of my head last wk, after catching a couple nice salmon up by Knights Landing, take some nice fillets, marinate ovenite in soy sauce, then dry the fillets just a bit, use soft butter and rub all over, then rub on all sides, Prarie Rub for steaks, (has small peppercorns and all sorts of other good stuff in it) comes in a small shallow metal tin, then BBQ fillets for maybe 10 min right on the hot covered grill, turn once at 5 min, came out real good. Not sure where to get the Prarie Rub, was a gift that was just sitting in the cabinet till I spotted it. I think its better on the salmon fillets than it was on steaks.