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07-12-2014, 10:27 PM
Hey guys. Headed up to Courtright Reservoir today to escape the valley heat. Wishon Lake had a fish derby going...was wondering how that went since we were there last week and it was a little slow.

Got to the lake around 1. Got out of the car and realized I left half of one of my pole at home :( That didn't stop me since I had at least one eye on the rod. haha.

Hike down to the lake...its down in water however between Wishon and Courtright, they pump water in and out of the lake to generate power. Last week, Wishon torward the end rose at least 2-3 feet by the time we left.

Anyways, setup the half a pole with an orange nymph. Casting it out was a challenge but was able to get it out 20-30 feet. Not too bad. It was into the wind as well. Before even setting up the 2nd rod to toss lure, I notice my line start moving. I grab it and it was fish on already. First cast with half a pole and it was fish on. Weird setting the hook and reeling in with half a rod. haha.


It was non stop action with the half a rod. It got a bunch of hit however with not being able to set the hook or feeling the weight, had a bunch of missed. It did land 8 fish which was the most. Lure didn't have any luck. Orange was key. We got 16 fish before we called it a day since it was windy and getting cold.

Until next time.


07-14-2014, 05:32 AM
Thanks for the report! Love that area, beautiful country up there.