View Full Version : Grilled Venison backstraps

02-03-2007, 01:09 PM
What do you need:
Apple Cider
favorite BBQ Sauce
Thick Cut bacon
Tooth Picks

I guess this recipe could be used on any piece of meat that's in a "chop" form. I found it really killed any of the gamey taste and after taste that is usually associated with wild game meat so those who aren't a huge fan of that taste this is for you!

I found this recipe on the internet and cut my whole backstraps into steaks/chops. Trimmed the think leathery fat off of it.

First part is to marinade them in Apple Cider for at least 2 hours (I prefer more like 4-5). Take them out, pat them dry and discard the Apple Cider. Now you return your meat to your marinading device (bag or bowl or whatever). Pour your bbq all over it until it's completely covered and let it soak for at least 2 hours (another 4-5 would be nice).

After you are done with that phase, take out the pieces of meat. Wrap them in 1-2 strips of bacon whatever you prefer and secure with the tooth picks. Grill on high heat for about 15-25 minutes. There will be flare ups so don't wonder too far.

http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Grilled-Venison-Backstrap/Detail.aspx For the link of where I found it