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10-08-2006, 10:44 AM
This isn't exactly about cooking the catch, it's cooking (actually, eating [smiley=chowtime.gif]) before the catch.

I'd like to hear about folks favorite "fishin' breakfast".

I discovered Fishin' Breakfast when Doc and I first started fishing together. We'd leave Connecticut at zero o'clock in the morning :o to get the 4:00 AM codfishing boats out of Galilee, Rhode Island. It was cold and dark [smiley=cold.gif] and we just jumped into our clothes and headed out , taking the secret short way through the dark country roads. About halfway there, a light would appear ahead - a plain white sign lit by a spotlight, saying "EAT". Inside the little house there was hot coffee, and platters of ham and sausage, or corn beef hash with eggs, toast, hash browns, pancakes, well, Atkins plus everything Atkins tells us not to eat. Really good, and, I didn't have to make it! ::) Stick to the ribs food, and it could carry you through a tossing cold trip out to catch cod.

Ahhhh! Fishing Breakfast! :D

In Florida, there was the Antioch restaurant, on the way to Lake Thonotosassa (local bumper sticker:"I'm from Thonotosassa, and I can spell it!") ;D The specialty here was biscuits and red eye gravy with all the other fixins.

Fishin' breakfast, to be honest, may have been the main thing that could persuade me to get up at those ungodly hours! [smiley=sleepy.gif]