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01-05-2006, 02:59 PM
MM's Trout and Kokanee Canning Recipe - "Original"

Large Mouth Pint Jars
10 lbs. of Fish Fillets or Whole Skinned Fish, Bone In
2-Tbs Bottled Water Per Pint
1/8-tsp. *Canning Salt (Do not over salt)
-tsp. Lemon Pepper
Pinch Dill
Pinch Garlic Powder
1-Tbs. Catalina Dressing
1-Yellow Chili Pepper
3-Quarts Hot Water
1-Tbs. Vinegar (Add to water bath)

Wash up to 16 jars and rings and new lids. *Place on clean towel. *
Add bottom rack to pressure cooker with 3 quarts hot water.
Add 1-tablespoon vinegar to prevent jar staining. *
Add water,salt, lemon pepper, dill, garlic, and Catalina Dressing to jars.
Defrost fish and cut up with kitchen shears in 2 pieces.
Loosely pack fish in jars to one inch of lid to allow seasoning to move.
Add one yellow chili pepper, stem removed.
Center lids and place rings on bottles, firmly finger tight.
First row of bottles must be placed on a rack in the pressure cooker.
2nd row of bottles should be offset from first row for even heating.
Secure pressure cooker lid with out pressure valve weight.
When steam is flowing freely from pressure valve add weight.
The above step will allow pop up pressure valve to rise and lock

Bring Pressure Cooker to 13 Pounds And Maintain Constant 13 Pound Pressure For 100 Minutes. *For Safety Resons, Cooker Must Be Checked Every Few Minutes, As The Pressure Will Change With Interior Bottle Heat. *

Total canning times will vary with amounts and experience.
Allow: 30 Minutes Thaw Time For Fish
30 Minutes Bottling Time
30 Minutes To Pressure Up Canner
100 Minutes Cooking Time
80 Minutes Cool Down Time *(Do Not Open Lid Or
Disturb Canner Valves During Cool Down Period.)
8 Hrs. For 2 Batches

This recipe and times will allow for safe canning of fish according to the Department of Agriculture. It is important to maintain pressure during the process so purchasing a canner with a gauge is necessary. Because of the time factor you will want a double canner so that your time will produce enough fish to make it worth while. 16 jars of fish will require 10 lbs. of frozen fish. If you are presmoking your fish or using dryer fish you may want to add liquid to the jar before sealing. *One or two drops of liquid smoke may be added for a smokey flavor if you do not own a smoker.

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01-05-2006, 05:03 PM

White fish? It seems that some of this recipe might overpower salmonids. Kings, Kokanee, Coho's

Just a thought...

01-05-2006, 06:55 PM
I'm sure glad to see this thread about canning jump right in at the beginning of the "Cookin' Your Catch" board. I've always enjoyed reading the canning ideas on the Kokanee board and hope they make their way over to this board.

Good job delivering the how-to-do-it details, MM. Those are real important.

Dennis - Maybe MM's recipe would be to strong for kokes for some folks, others may differ. You know as well as I we'll hear about it. ;)

(Hope I didn't just commit the first hijack). ::)

01-05-2006, 07:59 PM
Frank, your hijacks are alway welcome. After canning fish for 10 years now, I C&R everything that someone else hasn't asked for. The only fish that I eat, that is catchable in Idaho, especially canned, is Kokanee. *I think that you may find that the dill in the recipe, is what brings the flavors together. If you were to measure the spices you put on a normal fillet of any kind of fish, the spices in a canned recipe may leave your fish under spiced by percentage of fish, to spice. The secret to all great recipes is to experiment, until it is perfect for your tastes!
MM *8) ;D 8)