View Full Version : Admiral Cassiopeia onboard vessel Homer with crab traps and crate

10-17-2014, 12:19 PM
Did a test fit with my new chocolate lab pup Cassiopeia's crate in vessel Homer for our upcoming Nov 2 camping trip at Doran park Bodega Bay. I'll need Neptune and Cassie to hang over the opposite side when I lift the crab traps since I don't have an outrigger and electric puller like Seon's new boat but we will make do as long as those laser sharp puppy teeth don't chew through the gas line.:bananasplits: I am going out with 5hp this year instead of the 50# thrust electric trolling motor. I hope it is calm outside the jetty I have a new 85 foot deep waypoint to try this year and longer lead lines on the traps. :bananasplits: